The object of the objection

So today Wolfeboro filed their objection  to WP’s motion to continue and extend deadlines.  They’re not opposed to extending the deadlines for discovery and the trial, after all, it’s critical that some of this work be moved to the next fiscal year where we will have another half-million for their fees.

What they are opposed to is allowing WP any opportunity to talk about the remediation plan that was recently reviewed by NHDES.  Apparently, they want to go into court next April (or sometime thereafter), and pretend that there is absolutely nothing that can be done to fix the thing. Our experts are going to say the thing is broken beyond repair and nobody should be able to talk about the proposal that was presented to NHDES or their letter in response.

In their objection, Wolfeboro says:

Incredibly, WP’s Motion attempts to reveal the contents of the NHDES Letter by taking the position that the NHDES Letter “recommended that the H&A Remedial Plan be approved and implemented.”

What the letter actually says is:

Rib letter excerptIncredible isn’t it?

Wolfeboro maintains that this plan was produced by WP’s expert witnesses, Haley and Aldrich Inc, and that the deadline for expert testimony was December 2012.  WP has said that the Haley Aldrich report produced back then included talk about this fix.  Earlier this year Dave Ford told us the proposed fix was illegal.  It’s not hard to imagine that the town told WP that as well.

So it makes sense to me that WP would have those same expert witnesses prepare a detailed plan that could be reviewed by NHDES to resolve the issue.  I suspect that’s what this is about.  If so, it’s not that crazy that WP would want to extend to include the details of what Wolfeboro might have dismissed out of hand back in December.

Regardless of the legal shenanigans.  I’m interested in what the plan says.  After all, this is about fixing the RIB isn’t it?

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