Rib lawsuit moving toward trial

This week saw a couple of events related to the RIB lawsuit.  As expected, the court granted Wolfeboro it’s costs in defending a motion to compel Wolfeboro to allow a site visit by Wright Pierce’s wetlands expert.  Wright Pierce had put forth several arguments in objecting to the motion, but the court only saw merit in a trivial argument concerning the amount of time spent by one of the attorneys in a phone call.  Wolfeboro gets $4,637.50 for their trouble.

In an unrelated matter, both parties agreed to extend the deadlines for submitting pre-trial documents.  The old deadline of March 13 has been extended to next Tuesday  the 18th.  The reason given was that several depositions were incomplete due to weather related issues.

We have no way of knowing if there is any settlement activity.  My sense is that there is not any at this time.

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