Tag team antics

A little controversy and vilification is good for circulation, and for better of for worse circulation is the measure of a newspaper’s worth.  So it came as no surprise two weeks ago when the Editor pumped up the volume on Frank Onishuk’s opinion letter by featuring it in his editorial and telling everyone that he was “one of the few, if not the only, advocate of bulldozing…[BMH]”

Like Pavlov’s Dog, Judy Brueninger responds this week with one of her famous diatribes.  Funny thing is, Mr. Onishuk never said anything about bulldozing BMH in his letter.  And so it goes.

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2 Responses to Tag team antics

  1. I think Judy’s letters are better referred to as “infamous”. I thought Tom Beeler wasn’t going to print personal attack letters any more.

    I went to the “Flying Monkey” in Plymouth last night with friends to view the epic silent movie, Metropolis”. It was an extraordinary experience. The movie created in 1920 was the precursor to the science fiction movies of today. There were probably 150-200 people there: old and young alike. The organ accompaniment was amazing – 2.5 hours of powerful, non-stop entertainment and the buttered popcorn was outstanding! The whole experience was cap off by the building; it’s restoration and presentation was magnificent. Alex Ray did an incredible job! We are going again in June when Wings, a 1927 silent film about World War 1 fighter pilots is scheduled.

    We should invite the entire Wolfeboro Board of Selectmen (I’ll even buy the tickets) to go along with us. They really need to see what creative thinking can achieve with an old building. I’m not paying for Judy!

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