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Various posts about home energy and our progress in reducing it in our home.

Yet another crappy building

I’ve been keeping my nose out of the new Public Works building that is going up to replace the barn that burned down last winter.  Mostly, I’m just disgusted with the bunker mentality that the town has with regard to … Continue reading

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Back to basics

Had a comment in a previous post where someone opined that it was good that folks were getting “back to basics” and burning wood.  To be sure, wood is a viable resource in New Hampshire and it has a place … Continue reading

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Pop energy quiz

Since I’ll probably be talking more about the town’s lackadaisical attitude toward energy and the related costs it imposes on the taxpayers, I thought I’d just bring up some basic topics to make sure we’re all on the same page.  … Continue reading

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Radiant heat

The sun is beating down hard today, and it reminds me that I got asked some questions about radiant panels at the last BOS meeting. Brewster Hall has electric resistance heaters, most of them baseboard convection units.  Mr. Houseman described … Continue reading

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Solar Thermal

Today was a banner day for capturing the rapidly increasing available energy from ol’ Sol, the original source of virtually all energy available on Earth except for atomic energy. Last summer, after installing the heat pump, it became abundantly clear … Continue reading

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Heating season recap

Today I turned off the heat pump.  Not permanently, but it doesn’t look like it will get much use this week, and the prospects for significant electricity use from here on out are slim, both because the weather is getting … Continue reading

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It’s “In like a Lion” as I sit here by the fire with snow falling all day.  But if Puxatawny Phil is right, spring is

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When I talk to people about air-source heat pumps

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Off the charts

Hit stats for today were nearly double the previous highs.

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6 Gallons of oil

That’s about what we’ve used so far this season.  Six years ago we were burning over 1,000 gal/season.

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