End of an Era

With the results of Tuesday’s election, we end the era of standoff on restoration of Brewster Hall.  The Friends of Town Hall, to their credit, prevailed by 45 votes to secure a 62.5% approval of their $4 million restoration plan.

By way of reward, they now have a tremendous amount of work ahead of them, which I’m sure they will attack enthusiastically.  Though we have different views on this issue, it is clear that they are dedicated and sincere in their efforts.  Congratulations to them and good luck.

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1 Response to End of an Era

  1. suzanne ryan says:

    So very well put..and yes, the Friends deserve a lot of credit for their dedication to the cause.
    It is nice to have this issue finally behind us.
    ……. The voters have spoken……
    Truly, good luck to who ever will be in charge/managing this huge undertaking.

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