Hey Facebook Visitor!

This blog went viral yesterday, with more than three times the previous all time high in hit counts, and more than five times the previous unique visitor count.  The traffic appears to have been generated by one or more Facebook references.

To be sure, I would have expected banner traffic yesterday, but this was over the top.

If you got here from a facebook reference, could you take the time to add a comment to tell me if it was relevant or otherwise give me a clue what’s going on?


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2 Responses to Hey Facebook Visitor!

  1. Tom Bickford says:

    Hi Bob,

    I shared your report “The Sky is Falling” on my Facebook time line, yesterday. I would have done it before, but I only saw I could do it, yesterday. I also shared the Friends of the Wolfeboro Town Hall announcement that the warrant article had passed.

    To other Facebook users, you can tap the “f Facebook” button under “Share this:” to share one of Bob’s blog entries with your friends on Facebook.

    Tom Bickford

  2. wolfeblog says:

    Thanks Tom,

    That post accounts for about a third of the activity. You are definitely getting a strong following to your facebook wall.

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