As the RIB lawsuit careens down the tracks toward trial, the deadlines established as much as a year ago are starting to kick in.  You would think that with a suit already delayed six months, the ducks would be in a row and they would be just waiting for their turn on the docket.

Last week saw Wright-Pierce, with assent from Wolfeboro, asking for a few more days to finish up the pre-trial documents.  This week, we see Wolfeboro asking for a few more days to put together their list of exhibits to be used in the trial.  In their motion  they cite the hundreds of thousands of documents and “335 exhibits marked at depositions”.  The court allowed the few extra days, but didn’t seem impressed by the numbers.  Here’s what the judge had to say in the order:

The court places the parties on notice that they would be well advised to spend the additional time narrowing down the number of exhibits to those that are critical to and at the core of their dispute. The court will not permit the record to become cluttered with collateral documents that are cumulative or of only marginal value to a fair resolution of the case.

Like Jack Webb used to say:  “Just the facts maam”.

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