Bait and switch

I received the bid specifications for windows today.  Remember that my original question to the Selectmen was why are only looking at Pella windows at $2,000 average per window?  Their response was to say they would put it out to bid as required.

I don’t understand why they bothered.  The bid specification says they are looking for Pella windows, and they are only available from the guy that they were working with before.  The specs say that they will only consider Kolbe and Kolbe or Marvin as “substitutes”.  There are no Kolbe and Kolbe dealers in New Hampshire.  The nearest is 150 miles away.  Winni lumber handles Marvin windows but doesn’t install them.  Anyway, who is going to spend the time to put together a bid for the “substitute” windows, when the specifications are lifted right out of the Pella windows submittal sheets?

I have all of the communications with NCA architects, the firm that developed the bid specifications, and there is no mention of restricting the brands to select companies.  I sent a request to Mr. Houseman and Mr. Owen asking where that came from.  No reply.

We think that the assumption that the bids will be specifications only Pella could meet is unwarranted. – GSN Aug 2, 2012

I’m going to stick my neck out here and say that the reason they specified these companies is that they are the companies that NCA believes can supply “architecturally correct” windows.  Maybe that’s true, but there is no requirement that the town install restoration windows.  Good, functional, and attractive windows are available at a fraction of the cost of these premium architectural windows.  More to the point, that’s what they said and estimated in promoting the warrant article.

Gullible fool that I am, I believed them and stood up at the deliberative session to support it  I apologize to anyone that might have been swayed by my endorsement.  The way they figure these things, the article won by 83 votes.  I won’t make that mistake again.

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