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Nothing’s gonna change

Ever worked in a business that was sold?  The new guys show up one morning and say “Hi, we’re the new owners but don’t worry nothing’s going to change.” By all reports, Mitt Romney is not only good at that, … Continue reading

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By the numbers

There are a few disgruntled attendees at the RNC convention in Tampa tonight.  Gotta love the little lobsters on the clothespins – nice touch. These are Maine Ron Paul delegates who were replaced by the RNC with Romney delegates.  Read … Continue reading

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Back to basics

Rather than listen to the inflammatory nightmare scenarios that are being hurled every two to three minutes on prime time TV, I read over the analysis conducted by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).  They have looked at the major policy … Continue reading

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Short term memory

Over the next few days, while you’re watching Romneymania in Tampa, if you’re so inclined, take a moment to think back over the primary season that this event culminates.  Sure, the opponents said a lot of nasty things about Mitt, … Continue reading

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What’s the hitch?

A couple of BOS meetings ago, the Police Chief appeared before the board to say that they had ticketed a few boat trailers that had been left for an extended period of time at the Mast Landing parking lot.  The … Continue reading

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Forty two to save (and counting)

You might think that the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance is laser focused on saving the iconic Brewster Memorial Hall.  After all, they have it on their seven-to-save list, right?  Not exactly.  You see, every year they add seven more to … Continue reading

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Tabloid News

This week’s Grunter editorial finally recognizes that their reporting has been lacking.  What should be coming clear to everyone is that the business dealings of the town are rarely laid out at public meetings.  The press may decide to only … Continue reading


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No bid document trail

The $200,000 Brewster Hall repair warrant article was passed in March 2012.  Four months later, as of July 11, no work had been put out to public bidding.  I had been made aware of the situation by a concerned town … Continue reading

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Here it is

I gather from the activity on the blog today, that folks are waiting to see what I think of the editorial in Today’s Grunter,  The short answer is – not much. Astute readers will notice that the letter that they … Continue reading

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