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Bait and switch

I received the bid specifications for windows today.  Remember that my original question to the Selectmen was why are only looking at Pella windows at $2,000 average per window?  Their response was to say they would put it out to … Continue reading

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Here we go again

The big news, buried in the minutes of the last CIP meeting, is that the Selectmen are planning to make another run at a $4 million restoration project. Last March, there was a non-binding referendum question on the ballot.  It … Continue reading

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Done Deal

Couldn’t make the BOS meeting last Wednesday, so I just got to watch the finale of the Boat Trailer parking issue.  Can you guess? A very articulate island resident got up to make a few points about their plight: 1) … Continue reading

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Doing you proud

The overwhelming theme in the Grunter this week is the destruction and stealing of Obama/Biden signs around town.  For a party that wears “old fashioned values” on their sleeves, Romney supporters must be so proud.

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18 Pages!

The latest dis of the Affordable Health Care Act is that it took 18 pages to define what constitutes a full time employee.   The other complaint is that the criteria is 30 hours per week instead of 40. So why … Continue reading

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Tax equity

At the last Selectman’s meeting, there was a public hearing for a proposed changed to town code to provide free boat trailer storage to island residents from May to October.  I blogged about it here. One of the reasons Sarah … Continue reading

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Here’s what I’m talking about.  If there was any substantive rational for repealing the Affordable Health Act, they wouldn’t have to put out stuff like this: Forget about the fact that the Affordable Care Act is nothing even remotely similar … Continue reading


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Cui bono?

Who benefits?  Follow the money.  Wise old principles that lawyers use to cut through the smoke to see the truth.  While we as Americans are not a uniquely greedy bunch, we have refined the art considerably in our political process. … Continue reading

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