Here’s what I’m talking about.  If there was any substantive rational for repealing the Affordable Health Act, they wouldn’t have to put out stuff like this:

Forget about the fact that the Affordable Care Act is nothing even remotely similar to the single payer Canadian health care system, even the facts surrounding the woman’s plight seem to be wrong.

Her story has been out there for a few years.  She says she had brain cancer and would have been dead if she waited four months for treatment.  According to news reports at the time, she had a benign cyst that was not life threatening.

Our Medicare system is much more similar to the Canadian health care system than Obamacare will ever be.  You would think that after all these years, opponents of Obamacare wouldn’t have to misrepresent the 7 year old experience of a Canadian woman to make their point.

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2 Responses to Shameless

  1. suzanne ryan says:

    As you note, a 7 year old story regarding health care, and years of discussion pro and con, it seems
    to me that the varrious media has well covered this from all angles. Would appreciate it if you
    would return your blogg to local information and comment. Such as the recent TM idea of
    the purchase of real estate…why now when it has been avalible for years, and what about what
    we can’t manage of what we own…or can’t decide what to do with..such as the old elect bldg.
    You do a far better service with local issues

  2. wolfeblog says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    I know all this liberal leaning political talk makes a lot of the blog followers squirm. It makes me rethink the whole premise of political affiliation and Brewster Hall support. “How can he like Obama and agree with me about these local issues?” But that’s the way it is. Town politics will be around for a long time, but this national election will only be the next 12 weeks. I didn’t bring this up. A conservative Super Pac is running this video now in New Hampshire. So while it may be old news, it’s a current event, and I think I made my case as to why it’s a shameless scare tactic.

    I think Mr. Owen made a good case in proposing purchasing the eyesore properties on Lehner St. Call it Urban Renewal, and the plan is to raze the things right away so we are only dealing with land. I should point out that the town was snookered into spending a quarter of a million bucks on a land locked contaminated field off Glendon St. for a parking lot that will see little use if it ever gets completed. We bought it for a little less than twice the valuation. The town proposed a reasonable methodology to determine fair market value of these parcels and if it makes it to the ballot, the voters will have a chance to decide if it’s worth $170,000 or so to get rid of the eyesore.

    If you feel that you don’t want to read my national political thoughts, you can subscribe to specific subjects like Brewster Hall or Town Politics, or you can click those subjects on the right margin to filter out other subjects.

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