What’s the hitch?

A couple of BOS meetings ago, the Police Chief appeared before the board to say that they had ticketed a few boat trailers that had been left for an extended period of time at the Mast Landing parking lot.  The board made the assumption that these trailers belong to island residents, and decided to have the Town Manager work up a proposal to provide free seasonal trailer storage to island residents.

There will be a public hearing on the proposal at the next board meeting.  Here’s the proposal.

There is an existing accommodation for island residents’ boats at the various town docks.  They are allowed to leave their boats in selected places beyond the ordinary time limits.  That’s OK.  That’s the way it has been for years and it’s part of what they bought into when they decided to get an island property.  Trailer storage, on the other hand, is not essential.

There is summer trailer storage available at local marinas for about $60-$100, so island residents have a reasonable alternative to leaving them in town lots.  I pay a marina $100 to store my sailboat trailer over the summer because storing it on my property is not an option. My powerboat trailer is in my yard, and it’s an eyesore.  If there is to be free trailer storage on town property, I’d be curious to know why it is not being made available to all residents.

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