By the numbers

There are a few disgruntled attendees at the RNC convention in Tampa tonight.  Gotta love the little lobsters on the clothespins – nice touch.

These are Maine Ron Paul delegates who were replaced by the RNC with Romney delegates.  Read the story here. I’m not a fan of Ron Paul, but he certainly has a strong following here in neighboring New Hampshire.

Apparently the script doesn’t have room for a distraction like a candidate who went the distance and accumulated a significant number of supporters.  You can bet that the whole thing is planned to have the nomination consummated at a specific time by the delegates of a specific state.

Is anybody surprised that the party whose strategy has incorporated voter ID requirements that target students and seniors would ramrod a credentials challenge through at the convention?

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2 Responses to By the numbers

  1. John Linville says:

    Not for nothing but I grow tired of the comments that voter ID disenfranchises seniors. The woman from the League of Women Voters stated this claim on NPR. My wife has lots of medical issues and we have been to Huggins, Dartmouth Hitchcock, Wentworth Douglas, Frisbee and Tufts in Boston, all in the last two years. Every one of those places required a picture ID to obtain medical service, per federal law. Now I don’t know how many seniors do or do not have some form of picture ID but you have to ask yourself how those without are getting medical care, let alone voting. Something doesn’t add up here.

  2. wolfeblog says:

    It’s hard to say if it would be the lack of an ID or the perception of possible intimidation or rejection. In a time when the requirement is announced on the news but the details are best available on the internet, maybe there will be uncertainty about whether that expired driver’s license will be acceptable. The question remains as to why this has been a legislative priority for the GOP despite the lack of evidence of any significant or widespread voter fraud. Identity theft in credit related transactions, including medical services, is a real and serious problem that is documented.

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