Here it is

I gather from the activity on the blog today, that folks are waiting to see what I think of the editorial in Today’s Grunter,  The short answer is – not much.

Astute readers will notice that the letter that they published is the same one that I sent in last week, except that they chose to change the title from “You decide” to “Grunter Coverage”.

My latest theory on the Grunter is that they miss the good old days when controversy reigned on the opinion page, and nothing sells papers like controversy.  My policy for quite a few months now has been to refrain from writing to the paper, mostly because the Editor has failed to respect the right of citizens to express their opinion.  He routinely assigns motive, contradicts without fact, and uses the opportunity to further his own point of view.  I will not respond to their goading.

In reading other recent posts, you will see that the back peddling and excuses offered for the Town Manager’s actions are without merit, and that the pursuit of a sole supplier for windows, alarm system, and carpeting was real.  Does anybody really think that after four months of pursuing pricing from these suppliers and presenting the results to the Friends of Brewster Hall and the Selectmen, they were intending to get started on the public biding process?

The “newspaper” is unabashedly supporting town government, rewriting history on the fly because they have the only printing press in town.  There’s nothing any of us can do about it.

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  1. John Linville says:

    I dunno, we could all just stop buying the rag. After all you get better news in the Conway Daily Sun and the Rochester Times, both of which are free and available all over town. Seems the Grunter appeals to two categories, first the mechants with their sales advertisements and second the local Chamber of Commerce type articles about the town. Country government news? No. State news? No. Investigatory town news? Yeah, right!!! So find something else to line the bird cage with and save 75 cents.

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