Don’t tread on me

That’s what the town has told Wright Pierce with regard to the RIB site.  Keep Off!  WP wants to have a wetlands expert look at the site to address concerns of the NHDES that the slope stabilization plan recently reviewed may involve issues with the EPA.  Wolofeboro won’t allow them on-site unless WP agrees to give Wolfeboro the report.  WP has filed a Motion to Compel site visit with the court to compel Wolfeboro to agree to the site visit without such conditions.  Here’s the exchange. Nice to see both sides working together so well.

For those that missed it, WP had a plan prepared by Haley and Aldrich, Inc. that is titled “slope stabilization plan”.  They presented the plan to NHDES in early October, to get a sense of whether it could be permitted.  NHDES subsequently issued a letter  to WP’s attorney stating that “The slope stabilization plan should be approved and implemented.”

I’m not saying this would fix all the problems with the RIB.  I have no idea because when I requested a copy of the plan under right to know, I was refused.  But what seems to be happening is that WP is trying to refute Wolfeboro’s position that the RIB site is beyond repair.

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2 Responses to Don’t tread on me

  1. Allen Kasiewicz says:

    It seems to me that a rather simple and cost-effective solution would be to scrape another 50 to 100 feet off the current RIB area; this time pushing the excess sand and gravel over the sides to strengthen the sloop (rather than give it away to all the Town cronies like last time). Then we could construct new RIB’s on the new lower plateau and start over again. This time with some sort of break in plan to allow the drainage to find its way down SLOWLY.

    Cost would be mostly machine time and labor, as the feed line, pumps, fence and most other capital could be re-utilized. Though not a hydrologist or anything close I do get to think about this issue when I’m bored!

    Allen Kasiewicz

  2. wolfeblog says:

    Doesn’t work that way Allen. The RIB beds are only about 100 feet above the wetlands now. Also, there are a lot of existing wetlands that you can’t just fill. Even if we could, I don’t think we have enough land to spread out that much. I’ll leave the remediation to the pros.

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