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A Fix for the RIB?

WP has filed a new (amended) motion to continue and extend deadlines, and it contains some interesting developments.  Recall my post earlier this month where I suggested that there may be a way to remediate the problems at the RIB. … Continue reading

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Grunter shoots from the hip again

I thought I’d just stick with the obvious facts in my most recent letter to the Editor (Management by Crisis Oct 31).  It’s hard to imagine that the Editor spent any time at all trying to verify anything before

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Rib lawsuit update

Latest developments in the RIB lawsuit: At the end of last week the court denied without prejudice Wright-Pierce’s request for leave to file a motion to extend the dates for discovery and trial.  Long story short, they asked for leave … Continue reading

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It’s contagious

It seems the real problem with the website problem is that it’s highly contagious.  This morning I noticed a new button on our town website:

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Adventures in Obamacare

About three weeks ago, we got a letter from our individual insurance carrier (Anthem, the only show in town) informing us that the high deductible HSA plan that we currently have will not be available in 2014.  The next best … Continue reading

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Another delay, possible remediation

On Friday, Wright-Pierce filed a  motion for leave to amend joint discovery   The motion to amend joint discovery would extend the deadline for depositions from Oct 18 to January 6.  The trial date would be moved from Feb 19 to … Continue reading

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