It’s contagious

It seems the real problem with the website problem is that it’s highly contagious.  This morning I noticed a new button on our town website:

Bill pay buttonAllright!  We’re only about ten years behind in this technology but it looks like we finally got it together.  So I punched the button and was offered not one, but two opportunities to use this wonderful technology.  One pick for Real Estate Taxes and another for Utilities.  The whole shebang in one fell swoop.  Way to go.

So I selected the “Real Estate Taxes” button:

tax payment errorOuch!  That’s harsh. Oh well, I wasn’t really that interested in the tax capability, it’s the monthly and quarterly utilities I want.  So selecting “Utilities” and presto:

Utility payment later Oh for two.  But hey, that new colorful button on the front page sure is an eye-catcher.  No matter that it’s just a facade to nothing. I hope we don’t have to sit through any congressional hearings to find out who is to blame for this debacle.

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  1. Paul Green says:

    WOW ! That is, indeed, progress. I’ve been told in 2011 that this moment was coming, but was delayed because of software issues – for more than a year.

    Perhaps there IS hope.
    The savings from paperless billing & epaying should be handy, but I have heard that the town MIGHT charge us for the pleasure. That seems counter-intuitive

    Thanks for the heads up.

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