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Mr. Murray’s ambush

All the ducks were in a row at the BOS public hearing Wednesday.  All the active members of the Friends were there with well rehearsed and choreographed presentations.  One talked about the tourist expectations, another their version of past referendums, … Continue reading

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Cumbaya at the BOS

Last night’s BOS meeting was dominated by the roll-out of the Friends’ plan to finally git ‘er done at Brewster Hall in the form of a public hearing that is required by law for bonded projects over $100K.  They started … Continue reading

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Changes at Metrocast

Update Dec 18, 2013.  Things are being switched around, but it’s hard to keep up.  I recently got the two free DTAs from Metrocast and they work fine on my older analog sets.  The channel numbers are automatically mapped. For … Continue reading

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Winepesaukee Drive a dead end

At least for now.  At the last BOS meeting, we got an update on the effort to fix the road and get it accepted as a town road. The current residents of this 20 something year old development had petitioned … Continue reading

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Another side of the RIB story

Today, WP filed a new motion asking the court to reconsider it’s denial of their request to extend the deadline to supplement expert witness testimony.  The legal arguments for reconsideration and extending are obscure and based on case law establishing … Continue reading

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