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I see that the Grunter has published the URL for this blog as part of their coverage of the last Selectman’s meeting.  For anyone looking to read the arbitration/mediation mia-culpa, you can find it here.  But hopefully there will be a few new readers finding their way here, and rather than look at the sideshow, maybe you want to take a few minutes to catch up on what the lawsuit is all about.

The best place to start is by listening to Dave Ford’s explanation at a Selectmen’s meeting on April 17th of this year. Click here, and then either wait for Ethan to finish or space in 6:30 to get to Dave Ford.  If you are interested in forming an opinion about this lawsuit, you owe it to yourself to listen to Dave’s side of this.

At that time, we had spent $400,000 and had a war chest with another $300,000 left in it.  The town expected to go to trial at the end of the year, and thought they had plenty of money to see it through to a conclusion.

Then, a few weeks later, Wolfeboro asked to file an amended complaint to include allegations of fraud and to request treble damages.  That was like starting a whole new lawsuit.  The issues in the original suit were pretty straightforward.  Now the town was saying that the WP engineers and their consultants knew that the thing wouldn’t work as far back as 2007, and hid that fact from the town so that they could collect more fees, and so they could brag about building the largest rib in the country.

They lost me there. I can’t feature being a supporter of that tactic. You can click “RIB Lawsuit” at the top of the right margin and get all of the posts in this blog relating to the lawsuit.  It reads bottom (oldest) to top.  You can wade through my obviously biased commentary and read the actual court filings for yourself.  They are surprisingly easy to read and follow.

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