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Back to basics

Had a comment in a previous post where someone opined that it was good that folks were getting “back to basics” and burning wood.  To be sure, wood is a viable resource in New Hampshire and it has a place … Continue reading

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Pop energy quiz

Since I’ll probably be talking more about the town’s lackadaisical attitude toward energy and the related costs it imposes on the taxpayers, I thought I’d just bring up some basic topics to make sure we’re all on the same page.  … Continue reading


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Another crappy building

The Grunter headlines this week make big news of the recent developments in the Parks and Rec department’s quest to construct a new 3,000 sq ft storage facility behind the ice arena at Abenake.  The Selectmen were advised at their … Continue reading

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Surreply – the last word?

WP has filed their surreply memorandum response to Wolfeboro’s response to their objection to Wolfeboro’s motion to amend the complaint.  It’s called a surreply and as I understand it must be very brief.  It is. Their argument is more defined and … Continue reading

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Conspiracy theories

I’ve had some time to go over the ongoing filings in the RIB lawsuit, and talked to a few people, and here’s my take. This motion to include allegations of fraud with associated treble damage is the whole ball game … Continue reading

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Town responds to amendment objection

I’ve only skimmed the Response to objection to amendment and Response to objection to amendment exhibits.  As expected, our attorney responds point for point.  I’ll post my comments when I have more time to read it thoroughly, but the bullets seem … Continue reading

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The Co-op gets it

Here’s the statement directly from the NH Electric Co-op Website.  They don’t have a conflict like PSNH, and actively promote individual supplier choice.  Remember when long distance was unbundled from the phone company?  Better yet, remember what it was like … Continue reading

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Five hour energy

We need to get each of the Selectmen a flashlight, maybe two.  At the last BOS meeting, we got another dose of in-depth analysis of town affairs in a quick blow-off of recent serious, factual citizen inquiries about our municipal … Continue reading

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Much ado?

I don’t know who is showing keen interest in these latest postings concerning the RIB lawsuit, but the traffic has been high and it doesn’t look to be the usual suspects.  Judging from the stats that I get, there seems … Continue reading

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Chink in the WP armor?

I’ve been going over the Startup Field log that WP used to support their contention that the Town was overloading the RIB at up to 2 million gallons per day.  The thing is barely legible, and I don’t quite understand the … Continue reading

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