Much ado?

I don’t know who is showing keen interest in these latest postings concerning the RIB lawsuit, but the traffic has been high and it doesn’t look to be the usual suspects.  Judging from the stats that I get, there seems to be a lot of interest in the RIB Startup Field log, indicating to me that somebody is looking more closely at the pump hours discrepancy.

There seems to be much less interest in the actual filings that make the questionable claims.  If there were, readers may find that while the overloading claimed in April may be exaggerated, there appears to be solid evidence of overloading in March, and the town’s own records of April flows show an undeniable overloading at the 800,000+ level during the days leading up to the first slope failure.  Then there’s the admission by the town that they did overload the thing.

So while WP may have some explaining to do about their interpretation of the field logs, the fact remains that the reported flows are adequate to support their position.

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