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The objection

As anticipated, WP has filed an Objection to Wolfeboro’s request to supplement the amended complaint.  WP starts out by saying that Wolfeboro is briefing this motion “Ad Infinitum”.  They say that the amendment process has run it’s course with the … Continue reading


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Careful what you ask for

Those opposed to doing anything to improve Brewster Memorial Hall, Wolfeboro’s Town Hall, are back at it again. They won’t settle for anything because that would be less than their dream of everything – spending millions of taxpayer dollars to … Continue reading

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Another extension

Today Wolfeboro, with assent from WP, filed a request for an extension to the deadline for admissions.  Admissions are a form of discovery where one party submits statements to the other which the other must either admit or deny.  Wolfeboro … Continue reading

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Easy money

Today I got an update on how much the Town has spent to date this fiscal year on the RIB lawsuit.  As of their last billing on June 14, the total is about $230,000.  The town has budgeted $500,000 through … Continue reading

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Muddling the Facts?

Bucky Melanson submitted a brief letter to the paper this week asking several good questions concerning the disposition and future plans for Brewster Hall. In typical fashion, the Editor used the power of his editorial column to marginalize and discredit … Continue reading

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More motions

As expected, WP filed it’s sur-reply memorandum right after being granted leave to file.  Shortly afterward, Wolfeboro filed a motion to supplement the amended complaint to supplement the complaint with some emails that they say were recently produced by the … Continue reading

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Sure…. go ahead and reply

Today the court granted WP’s motion to file their surreply memorandum in response to Wolfeboro’s reply to WP’s objection to Wolfeboro’s motion to file an amended complaint.  Are you still with me here? WP must file within 48 hours and … Continue reading

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Reply filed in RIB case

As expected, Wolfeboro has filed their Reply to objection to amend.  Skimming the new filing, it is substantially the same as the memorandum that they filed with the motion for leave to reply filed on June 12th.  Still outstanding is … Continue reading

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Weekend lawyer

Today, the Friday after 4th of July, the court granted Wolfeboro’s “Motion for Leave to File Reply Memorandum in Response to WP’s Objection to Plaintiff’s Motion for Leave to Amend“.  The proposed reply brief was filed with the Motion for … Continue reading

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Building [by] committee

Went down to the impromptu BOS meeting yesterday afternoon at BMH.  Quite an informal affair with little on the agenda besides the review of the latest plans for the Parks and Rec Maintenance building.  Nevertheless, it was interesting and informative. … Continue reading

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