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Amended complaint filed

Wolfeboro’s attorney filed the actual amended complaint today.

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Motion to amend granted… mostly

Today the court granted Wolfeboro’s long argued motion to amend it’s original complaint to include allegations of fraud and seek treble damages.  Wolfeboro was denied the new claim of Fraud in count VI because it “failed to allege all elements … Continue reading


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That horse he’s flogging might be deceased

Sadly, Mr. Hughes is living in the past thinking I’m still part of TOCAG and that my objective is to build new Town Offices. He seems oblivious that TOCAG was disbanded more than four years ago after accomplishing all that … Continue reading

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Rib breakthrough?

At the Selectmen’s meeting Wednesday, Dave Ford told the Selectmen that he is working with Wright-Pierce on an inexpensive fix for the RIB.  There were no details except to say that the lawsuit is still ongoing. WP’s past proposals have … Continue reading

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Wakefield Wannabees

In his lecture last week, the Editor told us to look at Wakefield as a model of what is possible in Wolfeboro with a public/private partnership. Excellent advice! Wakefield is about half the size of Wolfeboro in terms of property … Continue reading

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Hyperbole and Ad Hominem attacks

That pretty much sums up the Grunter’s strategy in defending my factual rebuttal of their recent editorial.  The Editor had claimed that the UNH survey showed that a majority of voters were in favor of restoring Brewster Hall.  I came … Continue reading

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De gustibus non est disputandum

That was the title to a recent editorial section that addressed a dispute about ugliness vs. utility of some new road signs.  I’m not going there, as I don’t typically don’t agree with either of the parties involved.  But I … Continue reading

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