The Co-op gets it

Here’s the statement directly from the NH Electric Co-op Website.  They don’t have a conflict like PSNH, and actively promote individual supplier choice.  Remember when long distance was unbundled from the phone company?  Better yet, remember what it was like before long-distance was unbundled from the phone company?

Try substituting “Wolfeboro Electric” where it says “the Co-op” and you get the idea.

Currently, you buy your electricity from your local electric utility, the New Hampshire Electric Co-op, which serves a specific geographic area. It is important to understand that the Co-op does not generate electricity, but distributes electricity over its network of poles and wires. The Co-op purchases electricity on your behalf and distributes the electricity to its members as needed. The cost of purchasing electricity is passed through to the members with no markup or profit. The freedom to purchase electric power from competitive energy suppliers at lower cost provides excellent opportunity to reduce your monthly electric bills.

NH Electric Co-op Website on “Electric Choice”  .

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2 Responses to The Co-op gets it

  1. suzanne ryan says:

    I would like to bring your attention to the Independaent Town Auditors’s Reports…Since the
    Electric Dept is an Enterprise should pay for its self and not see a large profit of loss.
    If nothing is going on “behind the curtain” then it will reflect in the report.
    At this last town meeting I asked to varrify the Undesignated Fund Balance in the Electric Dept
    Account…was it aprox 2 Mill..Owen said Yes. Now some of that money came from the users.
    Page 74 of 2012 report shows tax setting information..Electric raised actual 11 mill and used
    10.5 mill…wounder what happened to the balance. .. at any rate (no pun intended) the town is
    so deep in debt some 3 mill in the Elect Dept,…that we will never be able to bail out.

  2. wolfeblog says:

    That’s all interesting Suzanne. My point is that the MED does a good job of maintaining the lines and providing service, and the cost for that as reflected in the bill is low compared to the utilities. The issue that people are raising is the generation cost, which is 80% or so of the cost/Kwh. The town is hit or miss every three years with a long term power contract that is an artifact of the past. It’s time to revisit that part of the business now that it’s the lions share of the bill. If those so inclined could get their power on the open competitive market, it would be the best of both worlds.

    Historically generation was done here at the now decommissioned power plant on Lehner St. Power purchase is a relatively new endeavor and given the relatively increasing proportion of the bill that it represents, we should be taking our cues from the PUC. Virtually every utility in the country has uncoupled generation and offered consumers the choice.

    I’m not suggesting abolishing the MED, but the debt is certainly not a prohibitive factor if that were to be attempted. The business has significant capital assets and could be sold to one of the utilities for substantial profit. Once again, I’m not advocating that.

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