WP Objects to Amendment of Complaint

Today, Wright Pierce’s attorneys filed an objection to the amended complaint filed by Wolfeboro.  You will recall that the modeling consultant that was hired by WP to model the site mentioned to the WP engineers that there was something not right about the elevation of one of the monitoring wells.  He had tried to cross reference it to the topographical maps and suspected that it might be off.  Here’s what he said:

“Neil, if you and Pete concur, would you have either Voltz [the surveyor] or internal WP staff reshoot MW7.  I don’t want to have this discrepancy picked up by reviewers and have it raise questions about the accuracy of the model and it’s results.”

Our attorney’s were all over this.  Citing the second sentence out of context to imply that the modeler was being careful to avoid close scrutiny of what they claim is shoddy work.   In actuality, the guy had picked up and corrected other surveying errors and was being meticulous to insure that he followed through on every detail.  This is the guy that our attorney’s are accusing of blatantly offering to falsify the model results to hide WP’s alleged mistakes.

In their objection, WP has cited an email (mapping error memo) confirming that there was indeed a survey error and it was verified as a transcription error by the surveying subcontractor.  And this email (survey error rerun) detailing that WP absorbed the substantial additional expense to rerun all of the simulations with the corrected elevations.

These exculpatory emails had been supplied to our attorney’s months ago.  So while our attorneys were trying to destroy the reputations of WP and their associates by claiming that they brushed this error under the table, they had already received a full description of WP’s meticulous attention to this detail and their efforts to insure the integrity and accuracy of the modeling.

I wonder if we can get the internal memos from our attorney’s to see exactly how they handle this internal error.  Do we get the bill for their preparation of professional character assassination of WP at hundreds of dollars an hour?  Count on it.

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