Back at you

I keep reading those WP emails, trying to see the deceit and dishonesty that our attorneys find there.  Maybe if you know the WP engineers, or have access to other evidence, it’s obvious, but strictly reading the emails that they present, my impression is that it goes the other way.

So I have to wonder exactly how this is supposed to work?  We claim that the emails prove WP knew that the RIB wouldn’t work at 600,000 gpd, and hid that from the town.  Meanwhile, they also say that WP wanted to have the highest capacity RIB in he country at 800,000 gpd to enhance their professional reputation.  How does building the largest RIB in the country that doesn’t work enhance their reputation?

In fact, what I see is cautious optimism, and it gives me some respect for WP’s integrity.  Not so much for our lawyers.  It looks more to me like they’re trying to up the ante to force a settlement.  Makes me want to take a shower to know I’m paying for it.

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