Just say no

At the last BOS meeting there was a discussion about implementing a “customer satisfaction survey” of people who go through the town’s zoning and code enforcement process.  In the course of the discussion Dave Senecal threw out an example of someone who became frustrated with the requirements for setback from wetlands and poor soil conditions.

So off they went on a tangent when it was asked if that was state law.  Dave said no, it’s Wolfeboro’s own creation and much more restrictive than other towns.  The comment was made that it was passed in one of the many planning board articles that are passed every year with little discussion.

Sarah Silk offered that people just don’t take the time to go to the public hearings or read the proposed new regulations. I’m sitting there thinking – Get Real.  Life’s too short for voters to try to understand all this stuff, most of which is written in municipalese.

Here’s my suggestion.  Just say no.  No to all of it.  Believe me, nothing will happen.  If the planning board thinks something needs to be different, the burden would be on them to educate the public about what it is and why we need it.  If there is an opposition, the adversarial process will kick in to present both sides.

Past performance is certainly not a good reason to be blindly supporting their changes.

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