To Bid or Not to Bid

This week I took a peek at the Selectmen’s agenda to see if they might possibly be following up on the controversy raised at the last meeting concerning the lack of public bidding on Brewster Hall projects.  Nothing,  So I dropped by to revisit the issues that have been detailed in this previous blog post during the opening public comment period.

I was told that the last meeting was the first the Selectmen had heard of it.  (Maybe you want to take a look at this memo to the Selectmen from the Town Manager on April 6).  Then I was told that all of the contracts are going to be put out for public bidding as per the town’s Procurement Policy, except the asbestos abatement contract.  Apparently, that work has already started.

So I guess a result was obtained, although I don’t know how.  The BOS has not discussed the problem or taken any action at all, despite multiple public complaints.  Doing so outside of posted public meetings is illegal so far as I know, so I don’t know what is going on.  Mr. Owen accuses me of jumping to conclusions because I am unaware of the change of direction.  How would I know when there is nothing in the public record of any action by the BOS?

I was a little disappointed that some of the Selectmen seemed surprised that the alleged previous bid for the asbestos abatement was not a public bid and was five years old. I guess they don’t read the blog the blog.  Maybe there will be some reprimands, but one thing for sure, they won’t hang their dirty laundry out in public.  We’ll have to get by on the satisfaction that a change was made and the rest of the project will move forward in the daylight.

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  1. Dick mosher says:

    Since the Grunter is very adverse to publishing anything that might reflect poorly on the selectmen, I hope that Wolfeblog has a large following. It seems it is the only source of news as to what is really going on..

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