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There are a lot of new readers these days, and you may not be aware of the blog policy on comments.  I’ve had to discard some anonymous comments.  There was nothing otherwise problematic, so if you resubmit with your name, … Continue reading

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What does it all mean?

Well, the verdict speaks for itself.  But I want to point out that there are close to  more than 1,000 hits on the blog today, so no matter where you come down on this issue, it goes to show that … Continue reading

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Verdict is in

The court just posted the verdict.  Wolfeboro prevailed on all five counts.  The jury awarded damages in the amount of $6,795,000. As I understand it, count 5, the violation of the consumer protection act was an advisory verdict by the … Continue reading

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Jury instructions

No word yet on the jury deliberations.  Shortly after starting yesterday, they asked about the pump flow chart record from the week preceding the slope failure in April 2009.  The judge said that it was evidence. In the meantime, the … Continue reading

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