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How bout that Town Hall project?

So regular readers of the blog may be wondering when I’m going to get around to talking about the Town Hall project.  Seems like there’s an article in the paper every week that regurgitates what has been announced at the … Continue reading

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Hearing Scheduled

The court has scheduled a hearing in chambers on July 9.  Too bad the public is being excluded, I would like to hear the arguments, even if I think I know the probable outcome. The subject-matter jurisdiction rule, at least … Continue reading

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Go back to go, do not collect $25,000,000

That’s basically what the first motion from Wright Pierce’s new attorneys says. Quite a bold move, but then the stakes are high and you can expect just about anything. What they have filed is a Motion to dismiss for lack … Continue reading

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Motions granted, settlement talks

Yesterday, the court granted Donovan Hatem’s motion for leave to file withdrawal, which they did shortly thereafter.  At the same time, the new firm’s motion to extent time to reply to Wolfeboro’s outstanding motions was granted. Today’s Grunter reports that … Continue reading

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Changing of the Guard

Donovan Hatem has filed a withdrawal as attorneys for Wright Pierce.  Two attorneys from the firm of Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green have filed notice of appearance with the court.  They are Peter Cowan and John-Mark Turner. Also filed today … Continue reading

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Dam storage pond

I came across this post from 2005 on an old website that has been inactive for years.  While there is no direct attribution, I believe the author was a gentleman who was politically active in town for years and had … Continue reading

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Treble trouble

As expected, the town has filed motions with the court for costs and treble damages.  That will bring the total award to something north of $25 million dollars.  On the surface this appears to be an absurd overkill, but perhaps … Continue reading

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