The welcome mat is extended to what I assume are a bunch of new visitors, probably as a result of Allen Kasiewicz’s reference in his recent Grunter Op-Ed.  Having both been reasonably successful entrepreneurs, Allen and I worked together several years ago to put together the TOCAG  town wide effort to resolve the Town Office fiasco.  We both got well anointed in the vagaries of town politics and I think it’s probably safe to say we are now fully assimilated and part of the problem.

Right now, the blog is in a holding pattern with respect to the Town Office/BMH issue.  As with the Tocag survey, I am committed to accepting the results of the referendum questions that have been placed on the town warrant with the help of 56 other petitioners.

Over the past five years, I’ve acquired all of the plans, spreadsheets, and related reports that have been produced through the right-to-know process, and developed a working knowledge of the issues.  Many of the posts in this blog convey that research.

Depending on my mood the day of the post, my bias for a new Town Office may be more or less evident, but for the most part the facts are backed up with copies of the source documents so you can see for yourself.

By following the blog, you will receive an email when a new post is available.  My privacy policy is that I will not disclose who is following my blog to anyone.

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