This  week the Grunter published a scathing editorial rebuttal to Allen Kasiewicz’s Other Voices column of the prior week. Titled “Be careful with the facts” the editorial was so compelling that I had to go back and re-read Mr. Kasiewicz’s column. I couldn’t find the f(act) word anywhere in the piece. The editorial on the other hand uses the f word twelve times.

It’s well known that the Editor has become a big Brewster Hall booster, and I’ve also been the victim of the Editor’s zeal to marginalize anyone that opposes those efforts.

There were statements made in both columns that are questionable, but the Editor puts words into Mr. Kasiewicz’s mouth then accuses him of misstating the facts.  Nowhere does Mr. Kasiewicz say that the roof is leaking badly. Drag out your old papers and take a look.

Nor does Mr. Kasiewicz say that there are no plans to address the asbestos in the building. And by the way, it’s not specifically in the warrant. So unpublished details notwithstanding, there is no guaranty that it will get done. Mr. Kaseiwicz’s opinion is that it should be a top priority, the Editor’s opinion is that it’s a done deal. Neither are facts.

And that’s the point; At the top of the page, in big bold letters, is the single word:

So beware of Editors bearing “facts”.

I’ll probably end up voting for the $200,000 because I’m being asked to choose between spending the money or ignoring the health and welfare of town employees. My vote will surely be used in the future as a supporting argument for continuing to pursue Brewster Hall as Town Offices.

That’s why, along with 54 other citizens, we put a set of non-binding referendum questions on the warrant. So I intend to hold my nose and approve the $200,000, then take a fresh look at the situation and express my preference for what to do going forward.

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  1. John Linville says:

    Mr. Beeler’s newspaper is valuable for the obits and the grocery store sales. And maybe the yard sale listings. Anyone looking for the real facts on any particular issue are better off with one of the free newspapers, the Conway Daily Sun (county business as Beeler completely ignores it), the Rochester Times (state issues as Beeler compelety ignores them such as the State not repaying promised money for our sewer bonds) or the Laconia Sun. Even the issues the Grunter does cover selectively edit the coverage to the best light for the BOS. When I was regularly attending meetings, I was always amazed to read the newspaper coverage and had to wonder if the reporter was in the same meeting as I.

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