OSHA! – Gesundheit

Digging through my pile of old documents, I came upon the hazardous materials report prepared by the Scott Lawson Group for the Town Hall Restoration Committee back in 2007.  In particular they examined the Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) and Lead Based Paint (LBP) contamination.

We all know about the asbestos in the basement.  There’s also some in floor tiles in various places, but mostly, it’s the boiler and pipe insulation in the basement.  Their estimate for removal and disposal was $20,000-$26,000.  CCI has told us it will cost $15,000.  Wanna bet it costs more?

But the real story is the Lead Based Paint.  As you might guess, the place has a ton of it – especially on the windows.  Contractors that work on it are required to take precautions against airborne dust including plastic sheets and negative pressure.  Afterward, the area is supposed to be HEPA vacuumed and wet wiped.  According to the Lawson report, air quality monitoring is required during the work and the results must be given to employees within five days.

The new $200,000 bargain plan entails replacing and repairing a lot of windows.  Do you think the estimate includes measures to protect town employees and the public from airborne lead dust?  Maybe some paper masks?  Remember when the wall in back of the tax-collector’s area was rebuilt last year?  The old one was among the most offensive LBP areas……   Gesundheit.

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  1. John Linville says:

    Excellent factual reporting, Mr. Beeler should have his “reporters” take notes!

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