Changing of the Guard

Donovan Hatem has filed a withdrawal as attorneys for Wright Pierce.  Two attorneys from the firm of Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green have filed notice of appearance with the court.  They are Peter Cowan and John-Mark Turner.

Also filed today was a motion to extend time to object  to Wolfeboro’s outstanding motions for treble damages and costs.  The motion states that “…a situation has emerged that precludes further representation of Wright-Pierce by Donovan Hatem.   As a result of that situation, Wright-Pierce was required to engage new counsel to represent its interests with respect to the trebling and attorneys’ fees and costs issues, post-trial motions, and an appeal.”  It goes on to say that the new team was just engaged this past Friday, June 6 and that they cannot meet the current June 13 deadline.  They ask for 4 additional weeks, extending the time until July 11.

Although we all knew it was coming, this is the first formal mention of an appeal.

Wolfeboro has assented to the motion to extend,  therefore it probably will be granted by the court.

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2 Responses to Changing of the Guard

  1. Dick Mosher says:

    It sounds to me that the original attorney sees bankrupt fillings as a possible outcome, and does not want to loose any future fees.

  2. wolfeblog says:

    I doubt it Dick. Donovan lost the trial. Time for some new blood.

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