Short day, Ford still up

Not that short.  The court scheduled 9-2 rather than 9:30-5, but they catered the jury lunch at 40 minutes instead of an hour and a quarter and ran over to 2:30.  So all that without an afternoon break works out to about 275 minutes, where an ordinary day is about 345, so 20% less.

The entire session was ongoing cross-examination of Mr. Ford.  I don’t know if they intend to cross him about the damages testimony, but that could easily keep him up there all of tomorrow.

What’s most interesting to me at this point is hearing all of the issues raised and decisions made from startup in 2009 through the Town declaring it a total loss and suing Wright Pierce in 2012.  I can’t say that I recall a single Selectman’s meeting where any of those ongoing problems or decisions were explained to the public.  Apparently the whole thing was handled in non-public session.  I guess we’re on a need-to-know basis, and they decide what we need to know.

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