Ford done, moving on

Dave Ford finished his testimony as the court broke for lunch.  No matter how it goes, Dave can be congratulated for keeping his cool and holding out through two and a half days of cross-examination.  Where it all goes will take some time to determine.

Next up was Russ Howe, our WTP manager.  Russ was clearly nervous about this appearance, and was accompanied by a fellow that was probably a lawyer for Woodward and Curran.  It all went pretty smooth on direct examination.  Wright Pierce did themselves no favor in their cross examination.  Ms. Malone was very aggressive and contrasting her demeanor with Mr. Howe’s soft spoken and seemingly unscripted testimony seemed inappropriate.  I suspect the jury felt pretty much the same way.

Last was Blake Martin from Weston and Sampson, who also was accompanied by a gentleman that looked to be an attorney for his company.  He finished direct examination and was just starting cross at the end of the day.

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