All quiet on the Western Front

Not much going on publicly with Brewster Hall.  The Friends are continuing their pledge campaign and are making a final push with a deadline of Oct 15.  Last I heard they were at slightly over half-million in pledges against a $4 million project.  That covers about half of their estimate of a million for the upstairs hall, and leaves an estimated $3.5 million for the taxpayers in order to validate the pledges.

The Friends are telling potential supporters that they have to report their progress to the Selectmen soon, so things will probably start moving at the second October Selectmen’s meeting.

Their fundraising letter says that they intend to put a kitchen in the upstairs hall for functions.  For just about a million dollars this town could build a new community center  on Lehner St. and have a wonderful facility for seniors and other organizations with one level access and plenty of accessible parking in the new lot that could handle multiple organizations with ease.  But we don’t have public conversations about such things as alternatives.

Can you imagine the parking nightmare with a function at Brewster hall during Town Office hours?  The place will gobble up thousands of gallons of oil in the winter just to keep it from freezing.  I hope common sense prevails.

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2 Responses to All quiet on the Western Front

  1. Dick mosher says:

    I doubt common sense will prevail with the current Board, and pretty soon the voters will vote for it just to avoid the constant noise from the Friends. But I will continue to support the Lehner Street idea.

  2. wolfeblog says:

    The voters have been consistent for years, and I think they will vote restoration down again this time. That’s what I mean when I say common sense will prevail. Completely eliminating all public discussion of alternative possibilities by the Friends is designed to foster your sense of inevitability. My take: Three strikes they’re out.

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