Dave’s looking pretty smart

Yesterday’s post exposes the plan that was used to justify the $4 million commitment to Brewster Hall restoration that was jammed into the CIP.  Anybody who watched the Oct 17 Selectmen’s meeting saw that Dave Senecal wasn’t impressed with the show.  He refused to consider the ridiculously conceived plan.

We should all consider the background and experience of the five people at that table.  Dave has been a builder and code enforcement officer for many years.  He has more experience with buildings, contractors, and projects than the other four combined.  He got something like 85% of the vote when he was elected.  Sarah Silk got 66% last March in an uncontested run.

Someday, one of the rubber stamp four is going to shock me and ask a serious question about one of these plans, or heaven forbid, vote to demand something reasonable. Meanwhile, only Dave seems to notice that the King has no Clothes.

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3 Responses to Dave’s looking pretty smart

  1. Dick mosher says:

    When will be get a civic minded electable person or two to run for selectmen????

  2. Scott Greenwood says:

    Dave Senecal is honest. What a concept. I went to Monday’s mtg. Other than GSN EDITOR he should sit in the middle, Peter photogrophet their were no citizens present.
    One big happy family 2 hens obviously running the show, 2 old crows that seemed agreeable to the hens, and Dave.

  3. wolfeblog says:

    Very colorful description. That’s what happens when you show contempt for public opinion, nobody is motivated to participate. I think they like it that way.

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