Round up the usual suspects

I was expecting more fireworks in the Grunter this week.  Turns out that it’s more of the same from the usual suspects – both sides.  Frankly, I think it’s sad that after five years of contention, we are reduced to arguing over finally removing the asbestos and putting in new carpets. It doesn’t work with the notion being put forth that the overwhelming majority of voters agree with the mission of the Friends.

Regardless of how this vote turns out, I think the opponents to the Friends’ plan, of which I am one, have already prevailed in stopping the senseless waste of millions more dollars for at least another year. Four years ago I was saying that one way to see what the voters want is to just allocate a few hundred thousand a year to do repairs, and when the voters stop approving it, we will have done what they wanted.

I do have to disagree with everyone that Article 19 is the most important BMH issue this year.  While defeat of it would be a huge setback for the Friends, I don’t see that happening with the full OS/Budcom/Grunter support.  You could get 50% approval to buy a rocket ship with that kind of support.  I think that the enduring statistic going forward will be the result of Article 30(a) if it is shows a difference of more than 10% either way.

Moving on, there was one interesting new angle this week.  Allen Kasiewicz is saying that there is new commercial interest in the building as a hospitality venue.  The way he makes it sound, it could well be the Common Family who seem to be on a new development spree around the Lakes Region.  We all envy the economic redevelopment they have stimulated at the other end of the lake, and I’ve heard it said that Meredith has done so well specifically for that reason.

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