Don’t know much about history

Allen Kasiewicz posted some old correspondenceas a comment to one of the previous posts. I’ve moved it to an attachment here because it’s pretty long.  He is publishing some old exchanges between he and Dwight Devork during the Town Hall Restoration Committee days.  Allen was trying to get traction with his Wickers idea and Dwight presents his argument for BMH.  Both sides make some good and not so good points.

I had not seen any of this, and what struck me was Dwight’s seemingly honest yet naive  conviction that the restoration would cost around $3 million. I knew that, for instance, Bob Reid was on record as saying that the $5 million Turner estimate was way high, but until now I didn’t think he might actually have believed that.  It all goes to prove the old adage, you see what you want to see.

I guess this is all stunning news to me because I have friends that are in the building trades, and all of them were pretty much right on the money all along, and the one architect on the committee at the outset pushed hard to contain costs and separate the second floor project to give voters the final say.

Mistakes were made.

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