Buyer’s remorse and the other side of a story

Here’s a letter from Suzanne Ryan:

Hello Bob

I sent this to the Granite news two weeks ago..I do not know if he will print it …given he has commented on it specifically in the last part of his op ed…

Also, I would like to point out to you…that while yes in fact I was one of the team players for the 6.7 mill…when I filled in as a selectmen I made a motion to delete the costs of the 2nd floor and could not get a second…  and was told by [Bob] Reid no way ,,we are not going to cut anything out….

Second…Please correct the record…after the failed 6.7 I volunteered for the THOC and when “interviewed” was asked if I was appointed would I go along with what the proposal was…I replied…Not necessarily as I would have to see what was the best value for the town and then decide”

Third….if anyone was an outsider on the THOC committee I was…as I was the only no vote for the recommendation…and I was the only one pushing re-use

Fourth and most important….I have publicly stated on MORE than one occasion…that while I was a sponsor for the purchase of BMH for the dollar…….I am very regretful that we bought the building…and after the failed 6.7 worked to help see that no more was done with the passing of any warrant articles as I feel the building should be sold and have also stated that…

Would you please correct your last post about no one saying they made a mistake…as I have said it over and over again to the BOS at meetings since 2008 and that they need to look at other alternatives including a municipal complex..but the BOS turn a deaf ear.


Suzanne [Ryan]

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