Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.  I was looking back at some of the Friends’ ads from the 2009 election where TOCAG attempted to offer one of the alternatives to BMH. I like the part where it says it’s only phase 1 with UNKNOWN future costs. That’s good advice! (click to enlarge)

Here’s another from the same 2009 pre-election paper pushing their half-million repair plan that will “fix” Town Hall.  It subsequently failed with 53% vs the required 60%.

The following year they settled for $110,000 then last year were back asking for $4 million to cover those pesky “future costs”.  I get the feeling it isn’t resonating with the voters.

The editor of the newspaper has the latest talking points.   He says that BMH is a safe and healthy place to work and that implying otherwise is unfair.  Wonder what the ads will claim this year.

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2 Responses to FUD

  1. John Linville says:

    Hmm, wonder if the Town Clerk agrees with the Town Hall being “safe and healthy”? Or the other employees? But like the Wolfeboroites who used to ask me to write letters to the editor for them and their particular axe to grind, they probably subscribe to the “I gotta live in this town” philosophy. I move we all vote no again and show the powers that be that flimflam won’t work and we can’t be worn down by warrant articles year after year.

  2. Dick Mosher says:

    The Grunter, which I am afraid more people read than this Blog, paints a very different picture. How does one get the true picture in front of the voters?

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