Bizarro politics

I think we can thank Jerry Seinfeld for bbringing the Bizarro concept back into the popular vernacular.  It occurs to me after reading the latest barrages in the Grunter, that Wolfeboro is suffering from Bizarro politics.

Anyone just dropping in from another planet might not guess which group failed to gain support for all three of their attempts to obtain bonded funding for their project.  Nor would they believe that in an independent survey conducted by independent UNH professionals voters overwhelmingly (59%) expressed disapproval for their project.

Maybe it’s me, but I think there may be something in the water.

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4 Responses to Bizarro politics

  1. Dick mosher says:

    If you ignore the truth long enough and have enough support from the local paper, voters may actually think they do not remember the past correctly. As they say, the good guy always win because the winners get to right the history books.

    We need new selectmen, but unfortunately no one is willing to run.

  2. John Linville says:

    Since most of the contests in town are unapposed this year, and given there is a portion of the voting public in town that is disatisfied with the current regime, I propose we write in two names for Selectman. Would be interesting to see how many votes the incumbents get and how many for the write ins. My two suggestions would be Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck, to eliminate any male/female bias. It won’t affect anything but would be an interesting marker, wouldn’t you say?

  3. Tom Bickford says:

    I would have loved to run again, but my wife’s lack of response, when I mentioned running reminded me I had other responsibilities to tend to before I can run for Selectman.

    I also think that Bob’s blogging and guest commentaries, offering alternate views in the paper, and on the Wolfeboro on-line forums can be very effective in changing the community’s thinking at all levels.

    I think its especially important to let others know that they are not alone. That there are others that question the wisdom of the Board of Selectmen on certain matters, even if we don’t have time to run for Selectmen.

  4. wolfeblog says:

    I’m in, I was just going to leave it blank anyway, as a statement that I’d be OK with returning to three.

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