$200,000 well spent?

Today I got copies of some of the documents that you saw the Selectmen using in deliberating their latest Brewster Hall warrant article.  Here’s the article:

ARTICLE: Town Hall Repairs and Improvements

To sec whether the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Two Hundred
Thousand dollars ($200,000) for the purpose of making repairs and improvements to the Brewster Memorial Hall (Town lIall) to include. but not limited to, repairs to the building. life safety code improvements. energy efficiency measures. and improvements to the working environment of town employees. and other such work as prioritized by the Board of Selectmen, such sum to be in addition to any federal, state. or private funds made available therefor.
(Recommended by the Board of Selectmen by a vole of 5-0)
(Recommended/Not Recommended by the Budget Committee)

So what will they spend it on?  Here’s the estimate: Town Hall Estimate

Listen to the discussion on the town website video.  They all have a different idea of what is going to be done, and of the estimates amount:

    • 5% Based on real quotes
    • 10% A declared SWAG
    • 30% Based on numbers from old quotes
    • 55% Nonexistent

I don’t see where the needed sprinklers are listed, or the asbestos abatement. About the only thing they know for sure is that they want to spend $200,000 on the place.  I really don’t know how to begin criticizing this insanity.

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  1. Dick mosher says:

    So what else is new. It is not want do the voters want, but what can we sneek by on the way to leaving a so called hisorical monument to ourselves.

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