Month to month

That’s apparently how the RIB lawsuit will be monitored going forward.  Yesterday, the  court conducted a conference in chambers with the two parties.  The only result published in the docket was a notice of a follow up telephone conference scheduled for a month from now on August 7.

The conference was attended by two of the Town’s attorneys and the two new Wright-Pierce attorneys.  It lasted all of 28 minutes.  There is a note at the end of an appearance by a new attorney, Andrew Dunn.  His bio says he is a high-powered appeals lawyer.  He has not been noticed on the case and it is not clear which side has retained him.

So it appears that the court is going along with the joint motion to indefinitely stay further proceedings, at least for a month.  My sense is that the court will not want to do this indefinitely, and will be looking for real progress toward settlement.  Maybe the Selectmen will tell us what’s going on – ha ha.

The town spent $1.4 million on a legal team, has a $15 million award with another $10 in the works and probably can’t even expect to collect the original claim. They have all but committed to shutting down the RIB facility as part of their case.  Our attorney told the jury in closing arguments that the town will need to shut it down and put a fence around it because it is a contaminated hazardous site.  Why should the public care?

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