Horse’s mouth

I’m not going to try to go chapter and verse about the “reporting” in this week’s Grunter.  It’s just so over the top.  I’ll just encourage you to take five minutes and watch it for yourself:  Click here.

Then ask yourself if you want to get your future information from the horses mouth….  or the other end.

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1 Response to Horse’s mouth

  1. John Linville says:

    now days you have to check any media input you get, no matter whether local or national. Many times I find better info by reading Aussie or Brit newspapers online than using US media. Just look at the Colorado shooting. ABC News jumped the gun and linked the shooter to the Tea Party on their newscast! Now it turns out the guy the little weasel Brian Ross was talking about is not the shooter, a different guy with same name. This is an everyday occurrence, half truths, agendas and outright lies on both sides of the aisle. This country is rapidly approaching the boiling point. Editor Beeler is just a symptom of a larger issue. We are in the largest drought in our country’s history, people in mid-America are fried from the continuing triple digit heat, unemployment is rampant, house prices continue to fall and yet our well paid fat cat leaders, whether they be on the Wolfeboro BOS or in the US Congress continue to ignore the people and just do what their own agenda dictates. The bottom line is you can only stretch a rubber band of tolerating this nonsense so far, and then it will snap and all hell will be to pay!
    I think the author of this blog is doing yeoman service but unfortunately fighting a losing campaign to bring change to Murrayville.

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