Make us an offer we can’t refuse

The spin from the restorationists is that even though the majority of voters indicated that they do not support the Friends’ agenda of restoring Brewster Hall for use as Town Offices, there was no other alternative endorsed, so just stay the course, whatever that is.

The reality is that voters have also rejected restoration twice at the polls, and the support has been in the minority in both the UNH conducted survey in 2008 and in the Article 30 referendum last March.  If you consider the voters stance toward public funding of any project, the outlook is bleak.

On the other hand, 46% of voters indicated that they would like to sell the place.  That’s without any specific plan, no endorsement from the Selectmen, and no buyer offering cash.  An unqualified “Let’s just sell it”. It has been widely rumored that the Common Family is interested in the building.  They are the folks who were the driving force behind the revitalization of Meridith and who developed the Flying Monkey in Plymouth.

We would only need 50% approval to enter into a purchase and sale agreement with them, and possibly we could salvage some cash to offset the $400,000 we still owe on those over-the-top restoration plans.  With an endorsement from the Selectmen, such a sale would pass easily.

I’m just going to keep throwing out the possibilities, because the referendum said we were on the wrong track and people want some fresh ideas.

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2 Responses to Make us an offer we can’t refuse

  1. Bob Tougher says:

    Our process says that anyone can write a petition warrant article, but we don’t all have to agree with it. I’ll leave it at that!

  2. Perhaps a joint venture between the University of New Hampshire and Huggins Hospital to create a small College extension (like the Life-Long Learning Center in Lee, NH) focused on a nursing degree program. With the population aging we will certainly need a ton of them and it would give Huggins a new focus. Students could live in the new low cost housing.

    But as with any idea it will require the total support by the Selectman in order to have a chance of happening.

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