Depot in the depot square

You recall that Dave Ford mentioned an upgrade to Depot Square as part of the downtown work currently in progress.  I got this plan from him today that shows the proposed changes.  The work was precipitated in part by a Dept of Justice action concerning the handicap parking downtown and this provides new spaces for that while eliminating some inadequate existing handicap spaces.  It also makes a formal bus stop for Molly and the new regional transit buses.

Not shown on the plan are additional upgrades to the drainage, electrical wires, and street lighting.  Not sure if that’s all finalized.

We’re all familiar with that big underutilized piece of roadway, and this looks like a real improvement for pedestrians.  I never liked being out in the middle of that because I had to keep an eye out in all directions.

Dave says that with approval by DOJ, this could be done by summer.

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2 Responses to Depot in the depot square

  1. John Linville says:

    Be interesting to see if this plan eliminates the outside storage pallets at the hardware store that reduce the sidewalk width to less than the ADA required minimum width. I have wondered for some time, since Wolfeboro has been scrambling out of the DOJ non-compliance letter, why no one has “fixed” this deficiency which requires spending no town money, just tell the store to remove the pallets of materials.

  2. Bob Tougher says:

    Thanks for posting the plan, Bob. All of the improvements in the downtown area will sharply improve the condition and character of a much traveled location.

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