Findings of fact

Both sides have filed their Findings of Fact and Rulings of Law with the the court.  First Wolfeboro and then  Wright Pierce.  As I get this exercise, the judge will consider the jury’s finding on the Consumer Protection claim as advisory and make the final judgement.  When the court makes such a judgement, it must produce a written declaration of the facts considered and the law applied.  Should there be an appeal, the facts found by the trial judge would carry significant weight over any subsequent representation.

So the parties are asked to demonstrate their expectations, and presumably the court will undertake some sort of process to reconcile the two.  Good luck with that. They both start out saying Wolfeboro received an Administrative Order on April 19, 2005.  After that, the sky is green or orange depending on which one you read.

Interestingly, Wolfeboro’s was produced by Seth Pasakarnis one of the two attorneys that have actively pursued the case at trial.  Wright Pierce’s was produced by Patricia Gary, an “of counsel” attorney in the Boston Office who specializes in appellate work.  Doesn’t hurt to plan ahead.

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