The goat

During the Friday morning recess, our attorney Ms. Cull confronted me and said that “they” (meaning the Wright Pierce team I presume) have been reading this blog, and that their attorney had represented to the judge that I thought Wolfeboro’s expert witness Robert Bowden did a bad job.  She was noticeably furious.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with that.  My remarks about his testimony are contained in this post and this post.  I think did a pretty good job of holding back.  I’ll tell you what I really think after the trial is over.

Here’s the thing.  I didn’t hire Wright Pierce.  I had no knowledge of the alleged problems until this lawsuit was announced.  I had nothing to do with filing the lawsuit.  I have been sitting quietly in the back of the courtroom for three weeks.  I have not spoken with anyone from the Wright Pierce camp – ever.  I have not spoken to anyone on the Jury.  Wolfeboro’s attorney told me the second day that they had been instructed not to talk to me.  I’m a fly on the wall.

I haven’t written any letters to the newspaper about this trial.  What I have done is to record my observations and impressions in this blog.  I haven’t advertised the blog.  I haven’t sent anything to anyone.  People who are interested in what I have to report and say about the trial can read the blog if they so choose.

If WPs lawyers decide to represent the contents of this blog to the court, I can’t do anything about that.  I don’t know if they characterized the blog accurately or not.

As I understand it this was a representation made in chambers. There’s no way a lawyer’s representation of a blog should have any effect on the decisions of a US District Court Judge, particularly one who has been around as long as Judge DiClerico.

If there are setbacks in Wolfeboro’s case, the problem lies elsewhere.


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  1. suzanne ryan says:

    Related to your “Goat” blog..could it be that the “they” you refer to was not W/P but the town Atty
    reading your blog? Got to think that some town officials are….
    I find it hard to believe that with all the responsiblites that face each side day to day that “they”
    find the time to read and evaluate your blog…hope it is not on our dime…
    At any rate you know the Judge who has been most engaged is of such high esteem ,
    I suspect that he could care less…..

    I have refrained from commenting often on your blog regarding the RIB
    …as I was on the BOS in 2007 when the RIB proposal came about…however….

    Regarding your conduct in the court room and your blog………

    Having attended some of the hearings I can attest
    to the fact that you have been perfectly still, not talking to anyone outside of me on occasion, yep
    (like the fly on the wall) and infact I did not even realize that you had taken some notes….
    also comparision with what I heard on the days I was present and then after reading your blog,
    I found you gave a fair and non bias report …..

    As to “I don’t know what I am supose to do with that”…may I suggest you keep going…
    Although we sometimes disagree on town politics/approach…….I must say you are doing one
    fantastic job by using your blog with fair and reasonable reporting of your personal insite to the
    courts day by day happenings..more than we get from the news paper and the PR that is put out.

    You have a vested interest in this case as do we all…..we are taxpayers and much is at stake, and
    you are doing nothing that will or has interfered with this case in any way shape of form..
    Your blog is free speach…….you go guy…they can’t intimidate you anyway…

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